The Future of Content Management & Syndication for the Travel Industry

Manage, optimize and syndicate property data with ease.

ROOMMS [noun] /ruːmz/ /rʊmz/: 1. A new thought leader in the online travel industry. 2. A real-time property content management system  that simplifies the complexities of managing, optimizing & syndicating property data. 3.  A global standard for content management & syndication across the travel industry.

Increase Revenue

Detailed custom-created property content results in improved search engine performance and increased product page conversion.

Grow Market Share

Get more units to market, faster than your competition.

Save Time & Money

Increase output of high-quality content to online travel agencies (OTA) without overwhelming your people, processes, or technology.

Strengthen the connection between travel accommodation providers & online travel agencies resulting in more bookings.

 ROOMMS is Developing a “One-Stop” Global Accommodation Management Platform


  • A Real-Time property content management and syndication platform that provides smart distribution to help suppliers of vacation rental, condo and hotel inventory grow bookings.

  • A combination of best-in-class software tools and services that help increase revenue, grow market share and save time & money.

  • Avoid duplication of content with a unified database—our Property Content Management System.

  • Customize content for each OTA channel.

  • Provide an intuitive user experience and an aesthetic appeal with quality, detailed descriptions and high-definition, immersive images.

  • Ensure accurate and up-to-date property content for your customers on online travel agency (OTA) channels by performing routine quality-control checks.

  • Utilize reports and notifications to make quick, real-time changes to property listings—dramatically affecting customer conversion.

  • Easily manage all your property content with our user-friendly, intuitive interface.

What is Rooms?

ROOMMS empowers property managers to create, manage, optimize, and syndicate property content to meet the unique needs of online travel agencies.

Product Vision

Our technology solution is focused on simplifying the complexities of property content management to deliver up-to-date and relevant property listing information across all major online travel agencies.

About Us

ROOMMS is revolutionizing the online travel industry by changing the way property content management and syndication are done. Read about our Vision, Mission, and Leadership Team.