Simplifying the complex.


Our vision is to drive increased bookings for the travel industry by simplifying the complexities of property content management and establishing a global standard for content distribution across the travel eco-system.



At ROOMMS, we are focused on solving a problem that is pervasive in the online travel industry today—property listings with poor-quality, out-of-date content, delivered unreliably to major online travel agencies (OTAs). This results in a degraded user experience and poor customer conversions. The supply side of the travel industry is focused on property distribution—that is, getting their listings on a major OTA. HomeAway, Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia are among the coveted channels for distribution. However, quality has been compromised for quantity.

Some in the industry claim to be able to distribute inventory with quality content to a variety of OTAs, but the truth is that no one in the industry is delivering. Poor content delivered with unreliable accuracy is the norm in the industry. ROOMMS is committed to delivering high quality, diversified content, which promotes a rich user experience for all consumers. By creating a better user experience through superior content, we can increase customer conversion.

The complexities of data management within the travel industry have traditionally made this very difficult to do. OTA’s and property managers need to work together to get high-quality, up-to-date, and diversified content to the marketplace quickly and efficiently. In order to do this, they need a technology solution that seamlessly brings together all stages of the content life-cycle.

ROOMMS is that solution.


ROOMMS was founded by travel industry professionals who have decades of experience in the travel and ecommerce industries. We are keenly aware of the challenges of online property distribution and data management and we understand the consumer journey and the new reality of consumer demands. We’ve created a platform that eliminates the many challenges facing travel-industry professionals online, while streamlining and vastly improving the consumer’s experience.