One Control to Make Quick, Real-Time Changes to Property Listings




  1. International distribution to all major Online Travel Agency (OTA) channels
  2. Customized content for each OTA channel.
  3. Synchronized Rates and Availability
  4. Ensure accurate and up-to-date property content for your customers on OTA channels by performing routine quality-control checks.

ROOMMS is a cloud-based property content management and syndication platform that provides smart distribution to help suppliers of vacation rental, condo and hotel inventory grow bookings.  Much more than just a “channel manager,” ROOMMS is a combination of best-in-class software tools and services that help increase revenue, grow market share and save time & money.

ROOMMS strengthens the connection between suppliers of inventory & online travel agencies (OTAs) resulting in more bookings.



International Distribution
ROOMMS will distribute internationally to all major OTAs (Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb, etc.).

The travel accommodation industry is a 100+ billion dollars market.  While there has been a tremendous amount of focus on intracontinental distribution and content management (i.e. US to US), ROOMMS sees an additional opportunity in the intercontinental market (i.e. US to global and vice versa).
Intelligent Listing Creation & Syndication
(2-way channel connectivity)
ROOMMS is designed to receive data from any source, and send property and unit content to any system in the optimal format for online travel agencies (OTA), effectively cutting out technological interference in working with OTAs.

We create customized content for each OTA channel by turning multiple sources of data into consumer-ready content. By providing a rich user experience with quality content and media, you will significantly increase customer conversions.

In addition, you no longer have to incur the cost of managing multiple updates for multiple channels. With ROOMMS, all you have to do is enter content 1X per property and we will do the rest. That one description will be up on every channel the property is on.

With our 2-way channel connectivity the platform extracts the property information from your database and automatically sends prices, availability and restrictions for the different types of rooms to a number of channels and those channels send bookings back.
Key & Representative Level Capabilities
Many “channel managers” can only handle one type of inventory class.  ROOMMS enables suppliers of inventory to list unique accommodations (for a channel like Airbnb) as seamlessly as listing several hundred 2bedroom ocean front condo units. 
Availability & Rate Automated Syncing
Your rates, availability, and restrictions are automatically synced between your platform and various channels. We eliminate the need to manually update this information saving you time and money
Reservation Posting
Each reservation generated from channels will be posted in our system and emailed for you to enter into your platform.  In some circumstances, we can directly transfer it into your system of record
Consolidated reservation
and booking reports
Clear and concise booking history reports that are easy to manage and transfer into your PMS. The reservation quote details of each reservation are organized so that you will know exactly what rate codes, promotions, taxes, fees, and commissions were charged to your guests
Analytics Reporting & Dashboard
Utilize reports and notifications to make quick, real-time changes to property listings—dramatically affecting customer conversion.  We ensure accurate and up-to-date property content for your customers on online travel agency (OTA) channels by performing routine quality-control check and reporting back to you on those checks
Account Support
A team of dedicated account support specialists will ensure your property has its best foot forward. They will be there to support you as you manage content, and channel-specific requirements. 
With our user-friendly, intuitive interface, you may not need a lot of help, but when you do they will be there