Property Management Companies & Online Travel Agencies

Working together, driving more bookings.

Master the content management lifecycle.

ROOMMS for Property Managers

Drive your property content to market across the property content management lifecycle.

ROOMMS enables property management companies (PMCs) to grow revenue, expand market share, and increase productivity. ROOMMS was specifically built for the challenges of distributed commerce, allowing you to effectively manage the impactful property and unit content that consumers rely on to make purchase decisions—wherever and whenever they shop.

  • 94% of consumers bounce if they can't find the information they need quickly and easily

  • Successful PMCs partner with online travel agencies (OTAs) to merchandise their products on the digital shelf

  • PMCs must have a repeatable, efficient process for driving accurate, complete, and OTA-optimized property content to market

  • Removing friction throughout the entire property content management lifecycle is paramount

ROOMMS for Online Travel Agencies

Remove the friction from your property content management lifecycle.

ROOMMS cloud-based Property Content Management System is built with the flexibility and collaboration capabilities required to be successful in today’s ecommerce environment. Unlike traditional systems that have been centered around internal PMC processes only, ROOMMS is built to remove friction in the supplier content onboarding process, take information from any source to create a single, trusted source of content, and optimize it for use across all of your sales channels.

  • The consumer was raised on digital content, and content is king

  • Without a content-rich digital experience you won't be found, and you won't be selected

  • Content that drives sales can only come through an efficient, ongoing process that’s centered on collaboration between you and your suppliers

  • Content that drives sales is personalized for your consumer