Roomms Platform

Built for the complexities of property content management and distribution.


Built for the Travel Ecosystem

From any source to any endpoint, our platform offers total visibility and validation into all content entries and at all times.

ROOMMS is designed to receive data from any source, and send property and unit content to any system in the optimal format for online travel agencies (OTA), effectively cutting out technological interference in working with OTAs. All information is transmitted with all necessary information, including where the unit is located, and its status.

One Integrated Content Platform

Load data, as-is, from anywhere to anywhere.

To move at the speed of commerce, you need a solid platform. With ROOMMS, there’s no big data integration project required up front. Import and create any content, from any source, and improve it in place and over time according to the requirements you set. Then quickly assess if your content meets the requirements of every OTA you publish to. Our platform is one consolidated source of content, able to accommodate any endpoint.

Scalable and Secure

ROOMMS provides scalability and security essential to our technology-driven world.

Today’s technological climate is one rife with security threats and an ever-growing world of demand for scalability and progress. The ROOMMS platform is built with a keen understanding of these necessities. Our infrastructure is designed to scale from small companies listing 100 properties, to large enterprises offering up to a million properties. As well, equipped with single sign-on capabilities, data encryption, a robust set of user roles and permissions, and an account-specific security structure, the ROOMMS platform is designed to keep you secure.

Infinite Capabilities

The new age of commerce never stops moving and neither does our software.

ROOMMS is a SaaS-based platform, meaning that our capabilities are nearly infinite. Whether we’re improving the user’s experience by adding functionality or updating software, there is never a need for an upgrade or install. Improvements happen without requiring your time and effort.

Additionally, we apply machine learning across all of our property management companies in our database. This allows us to understand your consumers behaviors and create insights to allow us to improve your content performance.