Because Distribution Is Only The First Step To Delivering Bookings!

Key Challenges in the Online Travel Industry

In the online travel industry, the consumer is completely in charge. With so many choices, the consumer shops wherever, however, and whenever they want. The consumer expects to find the property content they need to make a purchase decision quickly and easily. If they don’t, they will immediately go elsewhere.

To meet the new demands of distributed commerce, online travel agencies (OTAs) are asking property managers to deliver quality content faster and more often than ever before. However, they don’t provide the resources to do so. Property management companies are overwhelmed by these requests, and don’t have the people, processes, or technology in place to meet the requirements. The result is fewer bookings for both OTAs and property managers.

The Infinite Loop of Problems


Time-Consuming Updates

Making updates to property data is time consuming and costly. Most property managers have limited staff and resources.

Lack of Automation

There is a lack of automated technologies to manage large volumes of property content aggregated from multiple sources via XML API’s, FTP data feeds, Excel files, and data exports.

Highly Complex Inventory

The possibility of making errors when managing multiple input points of data is high.

Increasing Competition

Property managers are not only facing increased competition within the industry, but also from their own property owners booking their units on the side.

Lack of Standards

There is a lack of standardization among ever-evolving OTA channels.

Single Reliable Source of Data

The absence of a single reliable source for quality descriptive and media content threatens the customer experience.

ROOMMS is the Solution

ROOMMS is not just building a distribution network.  Through our intelligent cloud based platform, we are creating a new way
to manage and deliver high quality, relevant content to your customers.  


We turn multiple sources of data into consumer-ready content and then into reservations.


We simplify the chaotic process of merchandising units distributed across multiple systems.


We embrace the complexity of content management and enable faster turnaround and collaboration every step along the way.